hateruma Island

Nishihama Beach

Nishihama Beach

It is one of the best beautiful beaches in Yaeyama. Showers and toilet are provided. “Nishi” means “north” in dialect.

  • TakanazakiWaves dashing against a sheer cliff in 1 kilometer long have a tremendous impact.
  • Starlit Sky Observation TowerIt has an astronomical telescope and a planetarium and also performs starlit sky astronomical observation at night.

Hateruma means Uruma (coral reef) of the end.
The island of the southernmost island of Japan where the Southern Cross is shining.

Hateruma, the origin of a word “the island of Uruma (coral reef) of the end” is an inhabited and the southernmost island in Japan. The sea color in Hateruma is also called “Hateruma blue” which has unique blue brightness, especially, Nishi Beach is the most famous with its beautiful sea in Yaeyama. Takanazaki, located in the southern end of island, has a monument in the southernmost place of Japan and Starlit Sky Observation Tower, therefore it is a popular sightseeing spot.

What can we see in the southern sky.

We can see the largest number of stars in Japan in Hateruma. The Southern Cross can be observed from Ddecember to June.

A monument in the southernmost place of Japan

Access to the islands
Accessible in about 60 minutes by the high-speed ferry from Ishigaki Port Rito Terminal. You can take a round trip by rental cycle without hurry. If you are not strong enough for it, you may take a rental car or a rental motorbike, because several roads are ups and downs. Tour bus services in the island are also available.
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