Iriomote island(East)/Yubu island

Groups of mangrove and in Ubundul a group of Satakentia liukiuensis (palm tree).

Nakama River which flows into Ohara Port, in east Iriomote island, is designated a national natural treasure as “Nakama River Nature Protected Area.” The largest groups of mangrove in Japan and a group of Satakentia liukiuensis (palm tree) in Ubundul of protected species are in this area.

Access to the east part of island is about 35 minutes by high-speed ferry from Ishigaki Port Rito Terminal to Iriomote Ohara Port.

Yubu island is 500m distant from the east side beach of Iriomote I sland. A whole iIsland is botanical gardens. You can cross there by water buffalo cart.

  • Tour ships that go on Nakama River
  • Omija Road ParkA promenade passes through mangroves. There is an observatory where you can look over the sea, so you can feel familiar to the nature in Iriomote island. It is a popular spot where you can swim in a river on the way.
  • A group of the looking-glass mangroveIt is famous for highly-developed buttress roots. There is an over 400 year-old big tree at the upper stream area of Nakama River.
  • Iriomote Wildlife Conservation CenterYou can see stuffed specimens of rare Iriomote wildcat, which is rarely seen in the island and its video image references.
  • Going slowly tidal flats
    To a paradise “Yubu Island” by water buffalo cart.
  • Getting on a water buffalo cart from Iriomote island to the shallows. A whole island forms a subtropical botanical garden where subtropical trees and flowers grow thickly along with an orchard and a zoo. Tropical atmosphere around.
Access to the islands
Accessible in about 35 minutes by high-speed ferry from Ishigaki Port Rito Terminal to Iriomote Ohara Port (east). Rental cars or motorbikes, route bus, taxi are available in the island. Bus tours covering viewing spots are also available. When you use a taxi, you should call for one because there is no taxi stand. (Chartered taxi is available.※reservation required) You can move by bicycle or on foot for short distance like a walk in community.
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