Kohama Island

A view from Ufudaki Mountain.

The TV drama “Chura-san” is laid in this beautiful resort island.

Kohama island is almost located on the center of Yaeyama Islands, and famous for the NHK drama “Chura-san”. Sugarcane fields and ranches spread on the gently-sloping hills. You can look out over emerald green sea and beautiful islands of Yaeyama at a 360℃ panorama view from the top of Ufudaki Mountain with 99m above sea level. There are resort hotels and a golf courses on the east side of the island, it is the best resort place in Yaeyama.

  • Sugar RoadSugarcane field spreads out on the both side of this road. It is used for the school route in the drama “Chura-san”.
  • Uminchu ParkYou can get a full view of Cape Kubazaki from the manta shaped observatory.
Access to the islands
Accessible in about 25 minutes by the high-speed ferry from Ishigaki Port Rito Terminal. You can take a round trip by rental cycle without hurry. If you are not strong enough for it, you may take a rental car or a rental motorbike, because several roads are ups and downs. There are sightseeing buses covering viewing spots in the island.
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