Kuroshima Island

Heart Island, where cows and sea turtles welcome you a view of the idyllic landscape.

Kuroshima is a pasturage island with a population of about 200 against over 10 times as many as cows. Peaceful ranch scene spreads out all over the island. It is also called “Heart Island” with its, heart-shaped island. In the sea of Kuroshima where sea turtles visit to lay eggs, the most beautiful coral reefs in Yaeyama spread out and this area is one of the best place for snorkel.

  • Kuroshima ObservatoryYou can look out over the island in the directions at 360℃ from there. On fine days, you can see Taketomi Island and Iriomote Island.
  • Iko Pier (Iko-sanbashi)It is an old pier where ships used to come and go from Ishigaki island. It was registered as Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan in 2005.
  • Nakamoto BeachNakamoto BeachIt is a leading snorkeling spot in Yaeyama. Transparency of the sea is outstanding.
Access to the islands
Accessible in about 25 minutes by the high-speed ferry from Ishigaki Port Rito Terminal. It is a flat island with few ups and downs. Rental bicycles and motorbikes are recommended as transportation. Take care of riding a bicycle on unpaved roads and gravel paths. It takes about 30 minutes on foot to get from the port to the community.
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