Taketomi Island

Houses with red tile roofs and white sands roads,
The island where some earliest remembered scene of Okinawan landscape of has remained.
White sands roads, red tile roofs, stone walls and bougainvillaeas.
Taketomi is a small island that is 10 minutes away from Ishigaki island by fast ferry and is surrounded by about 9 km of coastline. There are Shisas, traditional decorations that look like a cross between a lion and a dog, with a variety of expressive features on the Okinawan red roof tiles. Bright flowers bloom along the paths of pure white coral sands, water buffalo carts go tranquilly with the sound of the sanshin, an Okinawan musical instrument, in the village. Taketomi island is one of the best tourist spots in Yaeyama, still has a homely and beautiful typical Okinawan village in olden times, and is designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.
  • Kondoi BeachThe beautiful beach with white sands and the sea with cobalt blue color. The beach is gradually shoaling and a calm body water.
  • West Pier (Nishi-sanbashi)A spot facing a beautiful sunset. It was registered as Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan in 2005.
  • Nagomi TowerYou can see rows of houses in Taketomi island on the top of the tower. Watch your step. The staircase is steep. Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan.
Access to the islands
Accessible in about 10 minutes by the high-speed ferry from Ishigaki Port Rito Terminal. There are bus services for the communities and the beaches from the port (Timetable)Tour buses in the island also provide services. Rental bicycle is recommended to go around in every corner of the island. Take care of riding a bicycle on unpaved roads and gravel paths. You can walk around there.
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